A Versatile Researcher in Photonics

Hey - my Name is Andreas Jechow. Welcome to my homepage!


I am a Physicist and Engineer with a focus on photonics. In my private life I am a Father, Traveller and (Ex-)Drummer. I teach "Laser Technology" at the University of Applied Sciences, Brandenburg.


Being a curious person my research interests are rather broad than narrow:


I started my scientific career with laser engineering, mostly on diode lasers and nonlinear optics. Then I moved to atomic physics, trapped ions, quantum computing, quantum optics and microscopy. Now I work on environmental photonics studying the impact of extremely low light levels on biological systems in the framework of light pollution at the LakeLab at the beautiful Lake Stechlin.



My biggest scientific achievements are in microscopy:


- I still hold the record for the highest optical resolution of imaging a single trapped ion


- we were the first to demonstrate absorption imaging of a single isolated atom (single atom shadow - see pic to the left) published in Nature Communications


- In 2014 , I was awarded a prize for my work on photon statistics and two-photon microscopy published in Nature Photonics

If you want to find out more about my research go here. You can also check out my department websites below to find out more about my institutes.